I’ve heard of NiteDevil but what is it?

NiteDevil Explained


One of the main advantages of NiteDevil’s lower light technology is there is no limit to the distance the camera will see (other than the lens that is fitted) as it uses the overall illumination of the area it covers rather than relying upon the maximum distance and spread of IR light.

See the images below. (in image 1) the IR camera can highlight the red car and that is it, however the same area when viewed by the NiteDevil technology (in image 2) can see a much wider and longer scene.

The NiteDevil camera is actually getting all the light it needs for this from the moonlight.

Example Images - IR Camera View vs NiteDevil Camera View

In these pictures the moon is three quarters full in both examples. These are actual video clips of real NiteDevil footage and it’s video performance using only moonlight as the source of illumination, sourced from the NiteDevil website: www.nitedevil.com

How Does it Work?

Amongst other things such as higher performance electronics and a higher sensitivity CCD (the imaging IC that the lens focus the image on to) the NiteDevil uses the combination of a longer light exposure and an ultra fast DSP (digital signal processing) chip to produce the astonishing low light images. On some cameras you can identify the DSP by the NiteDevil logo etched on it.

It’s difficult to monitor a wide area with IR cameras as the IR is like a torch beam, you can only see where the torch is pointing and then only if it is powerful enough! Of course NiteDevil cameras need some light but good ambient light is often enough.

Spotting Intruders in Low Light Conditions


When used on a property, whether commercial or domestic, NiteDevils are highly effective at spotting intruders as they approach by just using the minimum ambient light i.e. a full moon. When the intruder gets close to the property either street lights, security lights or just light from an office window is usually enough to give great results and an image quality to identify people by. A camera with IR lights in this situation can produce unusable bright pictures, a disappointing result for many customers.

As the NiteDevil technology creates the ultra low light images from far less light than other cameras the camera’s “iris” is open for longer than in general low light conditions and this can produce some “motion blur” on a moving subject. Obviously if the target is relatively static there is no blur at all, even in moonlight! However most installers and users of the NiteDevil technology agree, it is better to spot an intruder even with some “motion blur” in low light with a NiteDevil camera than not to spot the intruder at all with a camera with built in IR lights.

For more information about NiteDevil please visit www.nitedevil.com


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