National Surveillance Camera Strategy for England & Wales launches 14th March

Tuesday 14th March sees the Surveillance Camera Commissioner Mr Tony Porter launch a new strategy to maintain people’s right to privacy and keep them safe in public places.

Designed to give useful guidance to CCTV scheme operators to better understand their legal obligations (Data Protection Act) and what constitutes best practice, the Commissioner’s vision is to make the public feel reassured that the presence of CCTV in public places is there to protect them and keep them safe but also to respect their right to privacy.

Surveillance Camera Commissioner Tony Porter said:

After a year of hard work I’m delighted to be able to launch this strategy.
It’s a strategy that is far reaching, touching on many areas of surveillance camera use – police and local authority, installers and manufacturers, training providers and regulators – and of course how the use of surveillance cameras impacts members of the public.

The responses to the consultation on the draft show that this strategy is extremely well supported as do the number of organisations that have written to me to show their support. I look forward to delivering on this for the next 3 years ensuring that where surveillance cameras are used they keep people safe whilst protecting their right to privacy.

Read the full 27 page strategy  document here or the Executive Summary here.